popcorn time app for ipad / ipod / iphone is available now. Its called popcorn time v.1.2 for ios 7 or above. no jailbreak needed,

How to download and install popcorn time app on ipad?

1. download ios installer :

2. Run ios installer on your PC

3. Connect your ipad / iphone to pc using usb cable.

4. Tap “trust” on your IOS.

5. Please enable airplane mode while your ios is connected to PC.

6. Wait installation progress until “DONE” and “SUCCESS”.

7. Open popcorn time app and you will see this screen : popcorn time app for ipad

Try also install popcorn time app to ios using cydia repo manually

Please like and share popcorn time app download for ipad post to your friend. I will update if any change of version was update for you.

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  • when will popcorn be released for KINDLE fire? I’m not too savvy with this but I don’t think that the android version will work with my kindle. please advise. thanks Manny

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