popcorn time app download for mac

Popcorn time app v.5.3.1 and v3.8.1 ready for Mac-Osx 10.7 or above. You can enjoy watch free movies and tv show using popcorn time app on your mac PC / laptop without cost need. But if your country of law do not accept use popcorn time app, you need 1$ first month and $4 next month to buy built in Vpn service. Its cheapest then you use Netflix or other movies online service.

Popcorn time app will download torrent movies and put this on your Hard-disk temporary on Cache folder. Its means need minimum 3GB free space if you will watch HD quality 720p. While torrent movies is downloading, you can play this movies automatically, without having to wait for the download process is completed.

Download Popcorn time app for mac :

popcorn time app for mac osx 10.7ORpopcorn time app download for mac osx 10

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