showbox for xbox 360


Showbox app for xbox 360 is very interesting application to watch the movies and TV shows for free. You can trust this applications and it will be very useful application. It makes you be able to watch TV shows from your xbox 360. This application will be free for you, and right now you should download it for free. It will be very interesting application that will be a good advantage for you. You can trust the source of this application because it is legal and you can get it for free.

Now you can run the Showbox on your Xbox. Just follow my review and instruction how to Install Showbox on your Xbox !

  • download showbox app for free from your Smartphone or your other Android Devices.
    showbox v 3.6 with subtitles
    showbox for xbox 360
  • download Allcast (free) here ( Play Store) from your Smartphone or your other Android Devices.allcast showbox free movies for xbox
  • Select a movie or TV show episode on your app. Once you have done, you will see this below screen.
  • Uncheck “Use Internal Player”  check box, then press “Watch Now”.

showbox free movies selector on xbox

  • After you press the “Watch Now” button, it will display a list of applications that you can choose to play the video. You must select Allcast then select “Just Once”
  • Last steps, connect your smartphone to your XBOX, and stream them on xbox. DONE….

If any question for installation showbox app for Xbox please comment below.

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